Eve Is Strength

Knowledge is a sin-
And Eve was the first sinner
From God, Beneath your man!
From pricks, Go make me dinner.
Hostage in The Garden
Without a reason why
Head down and stay obedient
And thou shall never die
The Apple was for men-
The knowledge, the terrain
For Eve came from his rib
So keep your woman tamed
A serpent had once questioned
Why follow with blind eyes?
For this, he was cast out
His Truth became a Lie
He fought into The Garden
To meet his other half
He told young Eve his story
And Eve would not be passed
The Apple's skin, it shone
The light belonged to her
As Truth is simply Truth
It belongs to any world
Eve swallowed down the knowledge
She shared it with her love
They made armor of fig leaves
And hate cried from above
The First Sinner is my mother
Mother of all mankind
A sturdy rock, a statue
Against the Savior's lies
Eve was never weak,
And all the Bible-Thumpers in the world
Will one day be corrected
By the witches they have burned

Written Sometime 2020

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