TW: racism, mentions of shootings, homophobia, death

Modern Tragedy

Those who claim America was built by immigrants
Say thanks to them, destructions imminent
Not only is it blatant racism
It reeks of white colonialism
We slaughtered the people and took their land
We still kill those who take a stand
You tell me I need Christain values
But God would not have gays devalued
You spit in faces all lives matter
But non-white blood can spill and splatter
Every other country seems to hate us
It's our blame, but we won't discuss
Doesn't it seem a little ignorant
Would you rather be belligerent
So many pointless times we are
Such a surprise we've gotten far

The American Dream promises success and money
But Jay Gatsby was no smiling dummy
Working to the bone is a pointless ride,
For employees abused, miserable inside
A virus was killing thousands of people
Yet you won't wear a mask because you're sheeple
If we put in work, a little love between
Maybe we wouldn't all those AR-15s

Written Sometime 2019

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