From The Stars

My head's way up in space
Where flying saucers roam the place.
I reject society's lies-
Said I'm insane, not quite sure why.
Their blind abuse, their laughs;
It's all a constant backing track.
One day you'll see-I swear!-
Another world hidden up there!

A stream of smoke across the sky,
No shooting star, no meteorite.
Something crashing from the stars
A million lightyears way off far!
Oh, how I used to lie and wait,
Oh, how I've dreamed about this day
And now we both come face to face
With an alien of a different race!

Are you like me, lonely outcast-
Are you alone, future and past?

No one believes in you like me,
They're all so blind, I'm glad you see.

How nice it'd be, just fitting in-
How I'd despise such common sin!
I'd love to make them all so proud
I'd love to feel some love around!

Seems like I wait for the right things,
Seems like I'm right about something.
You, creature I should fear and hate
Are now my favorite thing to date
And since you clearly feel the same
I'm down to fight and stalk and chase.
Until the end of all my days
I'll believe in you without shame!

Written Sometime 2019

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