Requiem from the Belly of a Whale

You cast me into the depths,
Into the heart of the sea,
The floods engulfed me;
Floods of Adam, sin adoring.

I tried to make him smile
I was his jester for a while
And though his young heart was defiled,
I've loved him since I was a child.

Now I rot in love, alive
For three days and three nights
Lost in the county denied
Of god's love, Gabriel's pride.

I'd lost him by the morning,
I'd lost him to his mourning
He'd bitten from the Tree of Truth,
And forgot the garden's warning.

The pastors, they all tell you that Jonah was a coward
He ran from God, far away, he feared the final hour
But what they never tell you is that every night Jonah spent alone he cried
And Jonah being quick to run means Jonah would survive.

He prayed “God, spare me from my sorrow,
Save me from tomorrow”
Instead, Gabriel sent the form of one who sees her,
Another beast like Cesar.

And unto Jonah's heart ricinus poison
A memory meant to destroy him,
The image of the boy that I failed
I am still inside the belly of the whale.

You can not outrun angels,
You can't stop what is painful.
For the one who falls in love,
Peace in death must be enough.

Written June 2022

Inspired by The Mandela Catalogue.

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