TW: mentions of self starving

The Girl In the Mirror

We lock eyes everyday
As if challenging one another
Her, all high and mighty,
Counting the threads on my clothes,
The scabs on my legs,
Noting the mess of my hair,
The shape of my stomach
It's awkward when you want to starve yourself to be thin
But you're too hungry to commit
So you have to stare into the mirror
Questioning the c-section scar on your
Mother's stomach from where you came,
The scar you left by existing in this world
And wonder indecently if you've healed
Enough to justify it
If you've earned enough money to spend it
If you're perfect enough
To accept it.
We lock eyes everyday
As if challenging each other
They tell me Do your best!
She tells me Do better.

Written June, 2022

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