x=r • cos of beta

Numbers and equations, all puzzles
Numbers and equations, all muddled
Your cold laughter clouds my head
Why can't I understand?
Papers mark my passing time
Papers stained wet as I cry
Nothing to add, so I subtract
From a sour sense of hostility
Even if I laid in bed all day long
Avoided what I dread so long
It would bury me behind
Surely, I'm not that stupid
My words are pulled out like teeth
My eyes focus down beneath
I fear to meet such a strong gaze
What if you see into my mind?
When I gather strength to yell
All my words falter, misspelt
And your hands will turn the tide
Weave me into a villain
This is truly hopelessness
This is deeply meaningless
What I would give to be free-
Why can't you leave me alone?
Still, it leads to failure
It all leads to failure
That is not a choice for me
There is nowhere I can go

Written November 2022.

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