TW: brief mentions of blood and sexualization of minors


you brought us into this world,
soaked in your blood, forced out by your screams
infants opening their eyes for the first time,
soaking, weeping, malleable
through our childhood you left us this way
like Lord of The Flies-our human nature, decided by predecessors
vicious, scrambling snot-bags on the monkey bars
then we got older,
bodies morphing, changing, greasy foreheads and pimples
breasts grew girls into Women
so you made them objects of desire
outraged when they felt desirable
you put the boys on a pedestal-those you taught nothing,
and called them Men. sweet, uncontrollable hero.
and then when the boys acted like the Men they saw
once more, you raged,
(if you did not excuse it, you raged)
so remember, dear elder, every time you meet
a vicious child,
a conniving little monster, Lord of The Flies, and you ask
how dare they,
how dare they,
all the little children,
act like the monsters we raised them to be?

you remember, dear elder
you did this, and as your golden rule says,
Do Unto Others As You'd Have Them Do Unto You.

Written March 2021

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